Tokyo Police on High Alert for Entrance Exam Chikan After Social Media Comments – Asian-Cosplay

Tokyo Police on High Alert for Entrance Exam Chikan After Social Media Comments – Sankaku Complex

It is entrance exam season in Japan, and perverts have come out for a chance to molest the college girls who likely won’t report incidents to the police as they can’t afford to be late (an occurrence that happens almost every year), but the Tokyo Metropolitan Police has already initiated countermeasures in an effort to prevent molestation crimes.

Much like the “chikan matsuri” from last year in Kanagawa Prefecture, the Tokyo Police spotted posts on Twitter and online message boards reminding fellow degenerates that this time of year is “all-you-can-molest” season for college girls due to the belief that their victims wouldn’t want to waste their time reporting the incident to the police, as it would make them late for their tests.

With the growing amount of incidents around the entrance exam period, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police planned ahead of time by passing out fliers to warn passengers of the chikan and also recruited celebrities such as Soyoka Hirakawa to help spread the word.

Trains that many students use have also seen an increase in police officers that monitor the passenger cars.

Comment from Chief of Himonya Police Station, Tetsuya Hayashi:

“We absolutely cannot tolerate the despicable act of molestation. We want the public and private sectors to work together in order to prevent molestation.”

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