Middle School Girl Stabs Mother to Death Over Altercation With Smartphone – Asian-Cosplay

Middle School Girl Stabs Mother to Death Over Altercation With Smartphone – Sankaku Complex

A middle school girl has been accused of stabbing her mother, resulting in her untimely death, and the reason for this violent outburst was allegedly a matter regarding her smartphone – such a pitiable situation thought to be more common in the West.

The mother, a woman in her 40s, died from severe stab wounds made with an edged tool in Shizuoka’s Makinohara City, and police are of the notion that her middle school daughter was responsible for this.

People involved in the incident claim the 13-year-old daughter (a first-year middle school student) was discussing troubles regarding smartphones with her mother, causing some to theorize that a smartphone-based conflict led to this spontaneous murder.

The victim’s body was discovered at a Makinohara City residence and was riddled with various stab wounds – the woman was rushed to a hospital, but she ended up succumbing to the damage done.

The Penal Code’s provisions state that individuals under 14 cannot be held responsible for crime, and the authorities will protect middle school students.

Japan’s Child Consultation Center will handle the matter in the future.

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