Melon Books’ Top 10 Doujinshi of Comiket 101 – Asian-Cosplay

Melon Books’ Top 10 Doujinshi of Comiket 101 – Sankaku Complex

The first Melon Books store of Akihabara has weighed in on the tons of spicy doujinshi that was available at Comiket 101 and has formed a ranking ascertaining the works they think were the best, and the top entry was merely ecchi and not full-blown erotica, a turn of events that many would think is unlikely.

The ranking:

1. Getsuyoubi no Tawawa Sono XIV

2. Shoujo Keshiki

3. Suke Onaka 1

4. Chaldea Emission II

5. Hitozuma Taishin no Sonzaishinai Kioku 3

6. Kakuka Tariki Bangai

7. Fate/GOMEMO7

8. Uma Yome Uma x Tore ♂ Kekkonseikatsu Goudou 2R

9. Otaku Tomodachi to no Sex wa Saikou ni Kimochii

10. Ganbare Douki-chan 8

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