“I Didn’t Want Them Making Happy Memories Without Me!” – Asian-Cosplay

“I Didn’t Want Them Making Happy Memories Without Me!” – Sankaku Complex

An elementary school teacher was arrested in September 2022 on suspicion of mixing bleach into a pot curry to be served to the kids for lunch, and things aren’t looking great for the teacher who explained her reason behind the heinous crime in her first trial that took place on the 10th.

The 25-year-old unemployed Ayana Hanzawa was arrested for obstruction of business after it was discovered that she mixed bleach into a large pot of curry. The woman, who previously worked as the head teacher of the class for the past two years, was dissatisfied about losing her position, so she put the bleach in a pot of curry meant for the 6th-grade students that she used to teach.

Fortunately for the schoolchildren, nobody was hurt after the children serving the meals noticed a strange smell and notified the school faculty. When asked about her reasoning for the crime, she said, “I didn’t want them making happy memories without me. If they had an upset stomach, it would have been a perfect way to stop them from going on their school trip.”

Hanzawa reportedly purchased the bleach at a pharmacy the day before the incident. The prosecutors recommended two years in prison for the crime, but the defense argued that she was swamped and stressed due to the workload at school and asked for a more lenient sentence.

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