Gyarus Gone Wild Entrances Two Amorous Gyaru – Asian-Cosplay

Gyarus Gone Wild Entrances Two Amorous Gyaru – Sankaku Complex

Kinky Cosplay: Gyarus Gone Wild is an erotic visual novel that tells a classic tale as a lonely otaku with an anime obsession meets an attractive gyaru who happens to be into the same hobbies, and the protagonist soon learns the ravishing woman also has some more risque taste in activities.

The protagonist, who has all but given up on real females, obsesses over 2D women instead when suddenly a gyaru takes interest in his anime collection. The woman rather quickly becomes eager to perform erotic favors for the lucky male, and even a second gyaru appears for twice the action.

Some of the promiscuous deeds visible in the eroge:

Kinky Cosplay: Gyarus Gone Wild and all its perversions is available on Steam now.

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