Florida Man Accumulates 1,182 Child Pornography Charges – Asian-Cosplay

Florida Man Accumulates 1,182 Child Pornography Charges – Sankaku Complex

Florida has possibly uncovered its largest case yet when it comes to child pornography as the 23-year-old culprit was hit with about 1,182 charges, and this was only after authorities searched through one of his 15 devices.

Johnathan Jhovanni Hernandez was arrested on four counts of child pornography charges back on December 29th after he was investigated for several months as a result of a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

The Highlands County Sheriff was overwhelmed by the amount of charges the criminal accrued:

“At that time… the investigation was just getting started and there would likely be more charges. What we should have said was there would likely be A LOT more charges – like more than anyone in our county… ever. There is no telling how many charges he could face if detectives went through all the devices. Detectives say Hernandez’s collection of child porn is the largest they have ever seen.”

Authorities obtained search warrants for Hernandez’s Discord account when the investigation commenced in August, and there police found child pornography. Initially, Hernandez was subjected to two counts of possession, two counts of transmitting, and one count of using a two-way communication device to facilitate a felony.

Things quickly worsened after police searched the criminal’s house and seized 15 of his electronic devices, as just one of them caused Hernandez’s child porn charges to jump to almost 1,200. Four additional counts for having bestiality images was added on top of this, due to a relatively new law that came into effect October 2022.

Hernandez could be sent to prison for life if convicted of all charges, and he is currently being held on a $2.4 million bond. The investigation has yet to conclude however as police are still rummaging through the culprit’s 14 other devices.

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