Fire Emblem Engage’s Western Release Allegedly Gutting All Romance With Minors – Asian-Cosplay

Fire Emblem Engage’s Western Release Allegedly Gutting All Romance With Minors – Sankaku Complex

Nintendo’s localization team for the Fire Emblem franchise might be up to no good again as a leak of the upcoming Fire Emblem Engage has suggested that Nintendo is purposely mistranslating the Western version because some scenes merely mention romance with “underage” characters.

Twitter users explained that the game’s script was datamined (the entire ROM was said to have been leaked) and that Nintendo’s localization team are supposedly cutting lines with supports that were with “minors”:

Apparently these younger characters don’t even wear their ring on their ring finger, but on the middle finger instead.

Another user mentioned a previous years-old interview which disclosed that Nintendo is working to prevent any “controversial localizations” or content:

This turn of events will hardly be deemed surprising as Nintendo’s social media referred to the male and female protagonists players can choose between as “forms” and not by their gender.

Past Fire Emblem games have been dealt similar disrespect, like with Fire Emblem Fates, whose mistreatment was so astronomical that entire swaths of dialogue were removed, or altered to expunge any suggestion of romance.

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