Exposed Cleavage Haram in Censored Dokapon Kingdom Remaster Trailer – Asian-Cosplay

Exposed Cleavage Haram in Censored Dokapon Kingdom Remaster Trailer – Sankaku Complex

Dokapon Kingdom, a classic RPG from 2007, is getting a remaster, and many were quick to realize that censorship was implemented only in the trailer for the game’s English version, as one female characters’ cleavage and exposed stomach region were covered up, and once again demonstrating the fragility and censorship-happy nature of the Western games industry.

The original Japanese version of the remaster’s trailer:

The English version that protects the eyes of vulnerable youths by wrapping up a certain female characters’ cleavage and stomach:

Despite only the English trailer covering up the woman, it seems both the Western and Japanese versions of the game are censored, according to another Twitter user:

One individual even claims to have sent in a support ticket to Idea Factory to ask about the subject, only for it to be allegedly closed after 5 hours without a response:

It is likely there are more instances of censorship not yet found in the title, as censorship of things deemed “offensive” is an obsession now in the entertainment medium.

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