Code Geass Dakimakura Covers Present Nude Royalty – Asian-Cosplay

Code Geass Dakimakura Covers Present Nude Royalty – Sankaku Complex

The Code Geass series from over a decade ago has just now acquired some new goods as the sweet Anya and Euphemia have been printed onto dakimakura covers, with one side naturally having a more lascivious illustration that will ensure otaku proper company whilst sleeping.

The dakimakura covers are coming courtesy of Hobby Stock and are made of Aquaveil (2-way tricot) – the artwork on each cover:

By purchasing from Hobby Stock’s web shop, buyers can also get acrylic figures of Anya and Euphemia:

The 160cm x 50cm dakimakura covers are being sold for ¥13,200 and will be released March 2023.

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