A Demon Seeks to Destroy Humanity in Demons Roots – Asian-Cosplay

A Demon Seeks to Destroy Humanity in Demons Roots – Sankaku Complex

Eroge can’t seem to shake the overly used concept of “humans versus demons” as Demons Roots deals with a world where the demon empire was vanquished, causing humans to become the dominant species, only for them to then take advantage of each other with corruption and slavery.

The demons haven’t done well for themselves either since retreating to the Dark Realm, and protagonist Deathpolca has aspirations of retaking the world from the humans, with sex, rape, and promiscuity being plentiful along the way.

A trailer teasing scenes from the turn-based RPG:

Demons Roots can be purchased through Steam now, though a free patch will be required for the erotica.

Passwords for FREE downloads.
sssins.com and mrcong.com.

If for some reason the Download Button takes a long time to load, refresh the page.

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